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Khadi & Co in the press

With the summer season coming to an end, we are preparing our next season. We were super proud when Kahdi & Co handed us a copy from the HERITAGE POST while ordering their beach towels in Paris. It was a great surpise when we saw the big feature about Khadi & Co! We have been selling their beautiful hand made towels for 3 seasons now and are happy to announce that we bought some more unique products! Beach bags, dressing gowns and beach blankets from Kahdi & Co will be available from March ´17 on!  

Looking for representatives in Europe

You love MYMARINI and would like to live and breathe the MYMARINI life? Then here is the chance for you! One of our heartfelt wishes is to bring MYMARINIs to everybody in the world, who have been yearning for elegant and sportive, yet sustainable swimwear. We are currently looking for enthusiastic MYMARINI lovers that would like to represent our Brand in your country. This really allows you to work how you like to work, when you like to work and as much as you like to work (allowing you to go surfing when there are waves. So you really live the life that also we have chosen – the MYMARINI life. What we are looking for (ideally): You are enthusiastic about MYMARINI  //  You are passionate about fashion and/or surfing   //   You have a good feeling of how to reach out to possible MYMARINI customers in your country   //    Living sustainable is self understanding for you   //  You are open to people and are outgoing   //   You know your way in the online …

Two are better than one

We are super happy to introduce you to the newest member of MYMARINI – William! Until now he was my companion in life and MYMARINI consultant. Now he is also my full time partner at MYMARINI! What is your position at MYMARINI? As a youngster I was obsessed with Legos and was determined to do something similar when I became an adult.  I became a mechanical engineer and built all different types of industrial machines for quite a while. Somehow it didn’t fulfill me though and I realized my career didn’t satisfactorily incorporate my love for nature. In the summer of 2016 I gathered the courage to quit my safe and secure job, sold my car and officially became Partner at MYMARINI. Mareen oversees the emotional and social aspects and has excellent instinct when it comes to making wise choices by following her “gut feeling”. I make sure the numbers are right, take care of the logical sides and manage strategic aspects. Do you have a career goal? Work should never be boring and I …

Making of Summer ’17

A surprising first week in croatia comes to an end. On monday we picked up Christin our photographer from the airport in Split and while we were waiting we spotted beautiful Katja who was waiting for a friend too. And guess where she comes from? Hamburg – where all gorgeous women come from! Straight away we asked her to be our Model and weren’t disappointed. We are too excited to hide some first impressions for the next season! Photographer: Christin Schwarzer

The women with the golden hands

Today we want to introduce you to a particularly important lady at MYMARINI, Christin. Christin is the photographer behind many of our beautiful photos, and the story about her work is just as lovely as the story about how we met. Christin: It was somehow inevitable that we would meet. When it comes to the surf scene, Hamburg is like a little village and sooner or later you know everyone. Mareen: Yeah, that’s true, but not every female surfer just ends up in my showroom. Christin: Well, I wasn’t just standing there! I wanted to buy a MYMARINI for my next surf road trip. Mareen: Right! And after our conversation in which I asked you about all details of your work, I knew you were the woman I was looking for. A female surfer and photographer, delightfully uncomplicated and on the same wavelength as me when it comes to tackling new projects. A woman that inspires my visions to take on new dimensions, that I can dream big with and who is also spontaneous enough …

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As a surfer, nature, and fashion lover, the search for the perfect bikini motivated me to design my own swimwear collection.  A bikini that caters to all the aspects important to me such as fashion, sustainability, and sports gear, was impossible to find. Why did it seem no one managed to combine fashion, ethical thinking and function? MYMARINI is an ethical swimwear collection for surfers who care and for all others who love water, exercise, style, and our planet! The name for MYMARINI came to me when I was travelling through South and Central America. MAR is the Spanish word for one of the most fascinating places on earth – the ocean! Combining ‘mar’ with ‘bikini’ seemed the perfect way to describe what this company is about – such evolved the name MYMARINI. (By the way, my name is Mareen.) Each MYMARINI piece is designed and developed in my lovely hometown, Hamburg, always with the sea and environment in mind. Manufactured in Germany, we use exclusive fabrics made in Italy in an eco-friendly manner. MYMARINI …