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Chasing Storms

This skiing season begins with a bang! You’ve probably heard that Storm Friederike is turning the alps upside down right now – both thumbs pressed that nobody gets harmed! My friend from Tobi and me where lucky enough to to find just the right place at just the right time to safely enjoy the crap out of this storm before it turned into a monster! Secret spots Haldigrat in Switzerland and Balderschwang in Germany had the right amounts of snow, the right temperature, the right slope angles, orientations, altitude, windiness, trees and fun factor for us to jump into Ferdi the camper van and forget about the rest of the world for a few hours… but see for your self: Musik: Justice – Phantom Pt II – † And many thanks to my sponsors: Freeridershop, Craftski, Atomic, Freeride Map and a shout out to all the Fischköpps out there! 😀 Carpe shreddem! Willi

Cooking & living more healthy in a camper van

When we decided to live in our motorhome and pursue a more wholesome and healthy life, it was clear from the beginning that this would entail more than simply working less and surfing more. One facet of this new life is the challenge of cooking in a motorhome. Especially when your culinary expectations exceed eating variations of pasta every day. In the three years since founding MYMARINI, I have lived a less than healthy lifestyle since it seemed impossible to get the business rolling and also end my work day in time to make it to the grocery store, not even to mention the weekly farmer’s market. There is a German saying that translates into “a healthy mind/spirit lives in a healthy body” which was always somewhere in the back of my mind until it became a voice too loud to ignore. Seeing the chance for us to improve our overall health and wellbeing was another inspiring factor to just get in the drivers seat of our home on wheels and start a new life. …

Welcome to Our Life on Wheels

In the spring of 2015, a 16-year-old motorhome basically fell into our laps by chance and we ended up buying it although it was much larger than what we had originally been looking for. After a few first trips to Denmark, France and Spain, it proved to be the best home on wheels we could have found! Little did we know then what other great adventures we would embark on in the future – such as this adventure that is just beginning. MYMARINI was founded in 2013 by Mareen, and many crazy things have happened in the last three years. One of these crazy things is William quitting his job as an engineer/ending his engineer career and us choosing to move forward with the swimwear line together… And take a step away from the fast paced world we have been living in to live a more conscious and moderate life.  As this new life begins now in our home on wheels, we are also faced with new challenges. How do we run a successful business …