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Welcome to Our Life on Wheels

In the spring of 2015, a 16-year-old motorhome basically fell into our laps by chance and we ended up buying it although it was much larger than what we had originally been looking for. After a few first trips to Denmark, France and Spain, it proved to be the best home on wheels we could have found! Little did we know then what other great adventures we would embark on in the future – such as this adventure that is just beginning.

MYMARINI was founded in 2013 by Mareen, and many crazy things have happened in the last three years. One of these crazy things is William quitting his job as an engineer/ending his engineer career and us choosing to move forward with the swimwear line together… And take a step away from the fast paced world we have been living in to live a more conscious and moderate life.  As this new life begins now in our home on wheels, we are also faced with new challenges. How do we run a successful business while always moving around and having limited space? What and how much do we really need to take with us?

From surfing we have learned that focusing and trusting can lead you to perfect ride (to the perfect wave). We want to find out how much of this experience we can use in our lives out of water and we invite you to join us on this journey as rolling seafarers!

– Mareen & William

surffashion balticsea, bikinishooting Gordon Timpen


As a surfer, nature, and fashion lover, the search for the perfect bikini motivated me to design my own swimwear collection.  A bikini that caters to all the aspects important to me such as fashion, sustainability, and sports gear, was impossible to find. Why did it seem no one managed to combine fashion, ethical thinking and function? MYMARINI is an ethical swimwear collection for surfers who care and for all others who love water, exercise, style, and our planet!

The name for MYMARINI came to me when I was travelling through South and Central America. MAR is the Spanish word for one of the most fascinating places on earth – the ocean! Combining ‘mar’ with ‘bikini’ seemed the perfect way to describe what this company is about – such evolved the name MYMARINI. (By the way, my name is Mareen.)

Each MYMARINI piece is designed and developed in my lovely hometown, Hamburg, always with the sea and environment in mind. Manufactured in Germany, we use exclusive fabrics made in Italy in an eco-friendly manner. MYMARINI stands for simple design with the perfect fit, focusing on the essential, without investing on advertisement. My mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality and planet-friendly swimwear, which is one way I hope to contribute to preserving our captivating and enchanting seas!

Chasing Storms

This skiing season begins with a bang! You’ve probably heard that Storm Friederike is turning the alps upside down right now – both thumbs pressed that nobody gets harmed!

My friend from Tobi and me where lucky enough to to find just the right place at just the right time to safely enjoy the crap out of this storm before it turned into a monster!

Secret spots Haldigrat in Switzerland and Balderschwang in Germany had the right amounts of snow, the right temperature, the right slope angles, orientations, altitude, windiness, trees and fun factor for us to jump into Ferdi the camper van and forget about the rest of the world for a few hours… but see for your self:

Musik: Justice – Phantom Pt II – †

And many thanks to my sponsors: Freeridershop, Craftski, Atomic, Freeride Map and a shout out to all the Fischköpps out there! 😀

Carpe shreddem!


Croatia dreaming VIDEO

Finally, we are back on the road again!

We survived the dull, normal and uneventful time at home with our boring friends and family… Just kidding. This is the great thing about being a part time digital nomad! You get the best of two worlds and you can’t decide what makes you more happy, the stuff that happening around you at the moment, or what’s going to happen when we load our camper van and hit the road.

We are at the beautiful coast of Galicia already, surfing, eating Mareens delicious food, working, driving and sleeping.

But we almost forgot to show you this beauty! We reported on our trip through Croatia last year, on our first big trip as digital nomads. And now we created a video of it!

Lean back, turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!

After Skiing comes Surfing – on Bali! Watch our Video

After skiing and travelling through the Alps with our mobile home for almost 3 months, we couldn’t wait any longer for the summer to start and finally do some real sport again: SURFING in BOARDSHORTS and a MYMARINI! 😀

We actually only stayed at home in Hamburg for 4 weeks until we booked a plane, grabbed our good friend Ipek_yol and found ourselves in paradise 20 hours later!

But let’s stop talking and let the movie talk 🙂 Enjoy the Bali impressions! (Including surfing and a fierce but cute monkey attack at the end… )

Meet Concha – A MYMARINI Lady

Lives in: In Portugal’s beautiful countryside near the sea.

Passions: I have a burning passion for life in all it’s simplicity. I love spending my time outside. You find me usually at the seaside or in the ocean surfing, that may be due to my name which means ‘shell’
Being in the nature in generall is very important for me. Having grown up with a family background specialised in complementary medicines I am very passionate about sustainable living, a healthy lifestyle, eastern philosophies, yoga & wellbeing in general.
Exploring countries and cultures has been a big part of me too. I have been a nomad for many years. Now I am rooted in Portugal with my veggie garden but I still enjoy visiting other continents; mostly New Zealand.

In my free time I surf, climb, sail, ski or spend my time venturing along our beautiful coastline. I like to treat myself to a good wine and cheese, I am always up for a cafe break, a nice chat with friends and I love dogs, donkeys and old cars.


Favorite spots: My home, Aljezur in Portugal. But my heart travels back to places I have had the pleasure to live for a while: Raglan in New Zealand, Suffolk Park in Australia, St Agnes in Cornwall and Mexico (which I have visited only)


Tell us a bit about your last Project Seasoul Shelter & new project Mooana:
Almost a decade now, I have been teaching surfers of different levels. Experiencing the individual approaches brought me to a deeper interest into the holistic coaching aspect. Through my passionate approach in life and in surfing I have gained a significant position as a female surfer (longboarder) and coach in the Algarve and encourage other women on the way.

My former project Seasoul Shelter was born with the idea of sharing surf travels and a healthy lifestyle with like minded people, forming connections and providing a unique surf experience. To tailor our travel programs and offer quality service such as yoga classes we collaborate with other organisations.
Being an ocean lover with a big interest and background in health and wellbeing I have now expand that concept to offer a more holistic service with my new business Mooana.


And Mooana?
Mooana or “moana” in polynesian means Ocean. The idea is to boost an overall healthy lifestyle of the individual in combining Surf, Soul & Wellbeing; by providing a platform offering holistic designed classes, workshops and travel programs.

It´s all about the right balance in your personal life. Learn to dive into the secret of being happy, healthy and content. Mooana combines the three aspects of that: mind, body and spirit. And surfing sort of brings you back to simplicity and the pure meaning of life. It lets you enjoy the moment and makes you feel alive. It changes your perception of things and lets you grow. If you surf you know what I talk about!
“Join Mooana and let the sea take you on a journey…”


How did you discover MYMARINI? The first time i saw MYMARINI was on an online shopping search in 2015 for a new swimwear. The navy blue seabody caught my eye then but as i was living in New Zealand at that time, shipping logistics made the purchase impossible.

A year later then back in Europe I saw my friend Marta from ‘Surfragette‘ wearing a MYMARINI and decided to get one for myself.




Back in Hamburg 

It was a bit quite here the last couple of weeks. Since we got home from our winter snow trip we had to work pretty much here in hamburg. Unfortunately there are a few things you can’t do out from a rollling office. Specially not when you own a bikini company. But finally we have new plans! And guess what? Yes! Surfing! Bali we are coming! Next week we will leave hamburg for some warmer waves and until then we will show you some more flashbacks to our big journey where the idea of MYMARINI SWIMWEAR  was born! 

Riding the Rollercoaster of Emotions

We crave adventure, we need to escape the ordinary life.

We probably only have one life, so instead of working our a**** off, save money until we are 67 and then go onto adventures with a mobile home just to find out, that we are so used to our comfortable life and on top just too old for sportive adventures, we do it now!

Of course it’s tiresome at times, it’s really not a piece of cake to live on a minimal budget. And certainly it’s a risk to found our own company MYMARINI and try to live of it as digital nomads. But the possibilities… You are your own boss, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want (well basically we work all the time, everywhere )


And this is exactly what we got. We set out with our mobile home “Ferdi” to search for Powder, epic joy with friends and everything that goes along with it – a rollercoaster of emotions!

We definitely found the powder as you can see

Chasing Pow with wePowder college Tobias Grünenfelder

But we also had major downs…
While enduring record breaking temperatures of minus 18°C, we lost a tire on the road… Yes, the thing Ferdi the motorhome rolls on – while driving…


I used to tighten the bolts by feeling when changing from summer to winter tires. This was the first time I used a torque wrench. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the one from Aldi… Oh well, again what learned.

The incredible bad luck was immediately answered by immense luck! The place of misfortune was just 2 km away from a Fiat workshop – in the middle of nothing! With the help of the ADAC we managed to wrench the Ferdi back up again, rounded up three screws we found on the road and very very slowly maneuvered the Ferdi to the Ferdi-hospital…

A life hack we learned that way: If you’re in need of a free camp space for your mobile home, just loose a tire on the road… Many thanks to Autohaus Aigner for your quick help Autohaus Aigner

We had a day of involuntary time to get some work done and headed back on the road the next day.

It snowed the whole time, things where starting to look really promising on the mountains of the Rätikon area. I hooked up with wePowder  college Tobias Grünenfelder and shredded some extremely fluffy and cold powder.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCfullsizerender-1fullsizerenderSONY DSCimg_2732

The next day we took Mareen with us into the white dream deciding that she was ready for some untracked fluffy deep powder. With wide skis borrowed from Tobias, she felt quite good. She fell a few times, but was confident and slowly started to understand why some people are almost obsessed by the soft deepness. It’s almost like flying. When you stand on top of a mountain and see the humps and cliffs that you can use as jumps and drops below– and at the same time you are surrounded by this breathtaking landscape…


…well – the rollercoaster rolled… Mareen had bad luck with a turn and twisted her knee…

Two days of hospital, x-rays and MRT we knew that her skiing days where over – at least for the next 6 weeks… buffff – down we are again…Luckily her cruciate ligament was only partly torn, she could walk out of the hospital by her own. But this will need some attention.

Although not nearly as heart breaking as Mareen bad luck, I had a broken ski boot – yes, on the same day as her injury… aaaahhhh!!! What’s happening here?! In the same city the doctors diagnosed Mareen, I found a really well equipped sports gear shop Sportler Alpin in Bludenz who brought life to my ski boot (no x-ray or MRT necessary) and send me out walking like a skier again. Thanks again!

Deciding to need a real holiday from our adventures, we searched for something warm, relaxing, safe and without prospect of big misfortunes to lick our wounds and fill up our energy tanks. The perfect solution: The VALBLU SPA in Bludenz!

We really did enjoy the heat, the friendly sauna guy giving us an ice infusion with a mind-blowing view on the mountains. We even got some nice MYMARINI shots while relaxing! (See, we always work – wherever, whenever)

Mareen now has some work to do in Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

I keep on riding the Ferdi rollercoaster here in frozen Austria – writing blogs with stiff cold fingers and calling UPS for thousands of times… But that’s another story… Rolling rolling rolling…


A frozen ski dream

With both of us working on MYMARINI full time, we could travel the world endlessly in our mobile home. But we chose to not abandon our friends and family completely, they are too important to us.

Instead we go on trips 2 to 3 months long and then come back to our home base in Hamburg for a few months. That way the contrast between travelling and living comfortably at home is really high, letting us enjoy both even more! It really is such a joy to see good friends and family after being away for so long. But then the itch also comes back to jump back into our second home on wheels and hit the endless, unknown road…

We just had such a time of friendly and known faces, of allot of good talks, of sitting comfortably on the sofa beneath the Christmas tree and watching the nieces play.

But now it’s time for us. It’s time to modify our mobile home “Ferdi” to make it a super deep temperature, snow eating machine providing us with allot of warmth, electricity and endless coziness. In the weeks before we left I put on winter tires, installed a warm carpet, bought window insulation cushions for the cockpit, put in two more gas cylinders and installed a big fat solar system catching the scarce winter sun.

That way we really should be able to be almost completely independent for a month even in the harshest conditions.

And why are we driving into the frost? Why are we heading to the snowy Alps? Because it always has been a dream of mine to do a season of skibuming and go riding the fluffy white gold for as much as I can! I can consider myself a happy man with Mareen being pretty fond of skiing herself and to go on this trip with me in large parts!


But we’re not only going on a skiing vacation for 2,5 months… this is our life, we will work after skiing or stay in our warm shelter on the bad days and work. The new collection wants to be brought onto paper after being dreamed up for so long in Mareens head. And I need to set up a new, almost entirely automatic tax system with our new “best friend” and forward thinking tax consultant Michael Mertens. So we don’t have to do any taxes anymore and concentrate on making beautiful and functional swimwear without harming the world.

We had luck! The day we left Hamburg it started to snow in the Alps. And how it started… quickly a group of powder enthusiasts was formed via Fischkoppriding, the largest community for powder junkies in north germany and, where you’ll find the best snow forecasts for freeriders.

We chased the storm that wepowder forecasted and found ourselves in snow you usually only see in movies… it was epic! Unfortunately we had some difficulties because we apparently attracted too many ski fanatics haha. We also had a really bad streak of bad luck, making these first days a bit, well – chaotic. We had a frozen water line in our Ferdi, a locked in key in the hut the others stayed in with 8 people freezing outside. Trying to find a solution to get in with ladders and credit cards, I lost the keys to Ferdi…

We had broken snow chains, a broken binding only 1 day old, where dug in by the snowplows, had a broken heater at 3h30 in the night and missed a turn in the deep forest of Altaussee, needing to maneuver out with my GPS system above a cliff.


This happened in the first 3 days of our trip… But hey, we wanted adventure, didn’t we?!
“Oh well, again what learned” as a friend of mine would say.

Besides all the problems in the beginning, we had a lovley time in the hut of the family of wepowder journalist Patrick. Thanks so much for having us!


We will keep on digging ourselves out, chasing storms, repairing stuff and live those sweet moments while working on surfwear until we end this adventure in a big warm and relaxing family reunion ski trip in march.