Author: Rolling Seafarers

Croatia dreaming VIDEO

Finally, we are back on the road again! We survived the dull, normal and uneventful time at home with our boring friends and family… Just kidding. This is the great thing about being a part time digital nomad! You get the best of two worlds and you can’t decide what makes you more happy, the stuff that happening around you at the moment, or what’s going to happen when we load our camper van and hit the road. We are at the beautiful coast of Galicia already, surfing, eating Mareens delicious food, working, driving and sleeping. But we almost forgot to show you this beauty! We reported on our trip through Croatia last year, on our first big trip as digital nomads. And now we created a video of it! Lean back, turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!

After Skiing comes Surfing – on Bali! Watch our Video

After skiing and travelling through the Alps with our mobile home for almost 3 months, we couldn’t wait any longer for the summer to start and finally do some real sport again: SURFING in BOARDSHORTS and a MYMARINI! 😀 We actually only stayed at home in Hamburg for 4 weeks until we booked a plane, grabbed our good friend Ipek_yol and found ourselves in paradise 20 hours later! But let’s stop talking and let the movie talk 🙂 Enjoy the Bali impressions! (Including surfing and a fierce but cute monkey attack at the end… )

Meet Concha – A MYMARINI Lady

Lives in: In Portugal’s beautiful countryside near the sea. Passions: I have a burning passion for life in all it’s simplicity. I love spending my time outside. You find me usually at the seaside or in the ocean surfing, that may be due to my name which means ‘shell’ Being in the nature in generall is very important for me. Having grown up with a family background specialised in complementary medicines I am very passionate about sustainable living, a healthy lifestyle, eastern philosophies, yoga & wellbeing in general. Exploring countries and cultures has been a big part of me too. I have been a nomad for many years. Now I am rooted in Portugal with my veggie garden but I still enjoy visiting other continents; mostly New Zealand. In my free time I surf, climb, sail, ski or spend my time venturing along our beautiful coastline. I like to treat myself to a good wine and cheese, I am always up for a cafe break, a nice chat with friends and I love dogs, donkeys and …

Back in Hamburg 

It was a bit quite here the last couple of weeks. Since we got home from our winter snow trip we had to work pretty much here in hamburg. Unfortunately there are a few things you can’t do out from a rollling office. Specially not when you own a bikini company. But finally we have new plans! And guess what? Yes! Surfing! Bali we are coming! Next week we will leave hamburg for some warmer waves and until then we will show you some more flashbacks to our big journey where the idea of MYMARINI SWIMWEAR  was born! 

Riding the Rollercoaster of Emotions

We crave adventure, we need to escape the ordinary life. We probably only have one life, so instead of working our a**** off, save money until we are 67 and then go onto adventures with a mobile home just to find out, that we are so used to our comfortable life and on top just too old for sportive adventures, we do it now! Of course it’s tiresome at times, it’s really not a piece of cake to live on a minimal budget. And certainly it’s a risk to found our own company MYMARINI and try to live of it as digital nomads. But the possibilities… You are your own boss, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want (well basically we work all the time, everywhere ) And this is exactly what we got. We set out with our mobile home “Ferdi” to search for Powder, epic joy with friends and everything that goes along with it – a rollercoaster of emotions! We definitely found the powder as you can see Chasing Pow …

A frozen ski dream

With both of us working on MYMARINI full time, we could travel the world endlessly in our mobile home. But we chose to not abandon our friends and family completely, they are too important to us. Instead we go on trips 2 to 3 months long and then come back to our home base in Hamburg for a few months. That way the contrast between travelling and living comfortably at home is really high, letting us enjoy both even more! It really is such a joy to see good friends and family after being away for so long. But then the itch also comes back to jump back into our second home on wheels and hit the endless, unknown road… We just had such a time of friendly and known faces, of allot of good talks, of sitting comfortably on the sofa beneath the Christmas tree and watching the nieces play. But now it’s time for us. It’s time to modify our mobile home “Ferdi” to make it a super deep temperature, snow eating machine …

Living a digital life

The Internet changed our everyday life allot. Apps help us communicating with far away friends, navigation is a lot simpler, and we get the information we are looking for –instantly! In our case the Internet made possible a whole new way of life. We do what we think is right, always. We are not only our own bosses and decide when we work, but also where we work and how long we work (which is often too long ) But this is only because we don’t see our work as work anymore. It is really fun to do something that you think makes the world a bit better and makes such a life possible for yourself at the same time. Often (maybe too often) it is really difficult to stop yourself from writing the next blog post, implementing the next shop feature or designing the next bikini. We have to hold ourselves back from working too much and go out and see the world, that we are travelling. Of course it’s a big step to …