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Riding the Rollercoaster of Emotions

We crave adventure, we need to escape the ordinary life.

We probably only have one life, so instead of working our a**** off, save money until we are 67 and then go onto adventures with a mobile home just to find out, that we are so used to our comfortable life and on top just too old for sportive adventures, we do it now!

Of course it’s tiresome at times, it’s really not a piece of cake to live on a minimal budget. And certainly it’s a risk to found our own company MYMARINI and try to live of it as digital nomads. But the possibilities… You are your own boss, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want (well basically we work all the time, everywhere )


And this is exactly what we got. We set out with our mobile home “Ferdi” to search for Powder, epic joy with friends and everything that goes along with it – a rollercoaster of emotions!

We definitely found the powder as you can see

Chasing Pow with wePowder college Tobias Grünenfelder

But we also had major downs…
While enduring record breaking temperatures of minus 18°C, we lost a tire on the road… Yes, the thing Ferdi the motorhome rolls on – while driving…


I used to tighten the bolts by feeling when changing from summer to winter tires. This was the first time I used a torque wrench. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the one from Aldi… Oh well, again what learned.

The incredible bad luck was immediately answered by immense luck! The place of misfortune was just 2 km away from a Fiat workshop – in the middle of nothing! With the help of the ADAC we managed to wrench the Ferdi back up again, rounded up three screws we found on the road and very very slowly maneuvered the Ferdi to the Ferdi-hospital…

A life hack we learned that way: If you’re in need of a free camp space for your mobile home, just loose a tire on the road… Many thanks to Autohaus Aigner for your quick help Autohaus Aigner

We had a day of involuntary time to get some work done and headed back on the road the next day.

It snowed the whole time, things where starting to look really promising on the mountains of the Rätikon area. I hooked up with wePowder  college Tobias Grünenfelder and shredded some extremely fluffy and cold powder.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCfullsizerender-1fullsizerenderSONY DSCimg_2732

The next day we took Mareen with us into the white dream deciding that she was ready for some untracked fluffy deep powder. With wide skis borrowed from Tobias, she felt quite good. She fell a few times, but was confident and slowly started to understand why some people are almost obsessed by the soft deepness. It’s almost like flying. When you stand on top of a mountain and see the humps and cliffs that you can use as jumps and drops below– and at the same time you are surrounded by this breathtaking landscape…


…well – the rollercoaster rolled… Mareen had bad luck with a turn and twisted her knee…

Two days of hospital, x-rays and MRT we knew that her skiing days where over – at least for the next 6 weeks… buffff – down we are again…Luckily her cruciate ligament was only partly torn, she could walk out of the hospital by her own. But this will need some attention.

Although not nearly as heart breaking as Mareen bad luck, I had a broken ski boot – yes, on the same day as her injury… aaaahhhh!!! What’s happening here?! In the same city the doctors diagnosed Mareen, I found a really well equipped sports gear shop Sportler Alpin in Bludenz who brought life to my ski boot (no x-ray or MRT necessary) and send me out walking like a skier again. Thanks again!

Deciding to need a real holiday from our adventures, we searched for something warm, relaxing, safe and without prospect of big misfortunes to lick our wounds and fill up our energy tanks. The perfect solution: The VALBLU SPA in Bludenz!

We really did enjoy the heat, the friendly sauna guy giving us an ice infusion with a mind-blowing view on the mountains. We even got some nice MYMARINI shots while relaxing! (See, we always work – wherever, whenever)

Mareen now has some work to do in Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

I keep on riding the Ferdi rollercoaster here in frozen Austria – writing blogs with stiff cold fingers and calling UPS for thousands of times… But that’s another story… Rolling rolling rolling…


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