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A frozen ski dream

With both of us working on MYMARINI full time, we could travel the world endlessly in our mobile home. But we chose to not abandon our friends and family completely, they are too important to us.

Instead we go on trips 2 to 3 months long and then come back to our home base in Hamburg for a few months. That way the contrast between travelling and living comfortably at home is really high, letting us enjoy both even more! It really is such a joy to see good friends and family after being away for so long. But then the itch also comes back to jump back into our second home on wheels and hit the endless, unknown road…

We just had such a time of friendly and known faces, of allot of good talks, of sitting comfortably on the sofa beneath the Christmas tree and watching the nieces play.

But now it’s time for us. It’s time to modify our mobile home “Ferdi” to make it a super deep temperature, snow eating machine providing us with allot of warmth, electricity and endless coziness. In the weeks before we left I put on winter tires, installed a warm carpet, bought window insulation cushions for the cockpit, put in two more gas cylinders and installed a big fat solar system catching the scarce winter sun.

That way we really should be able to be almost completely independent for a month even in the harshest conditions.

And why are we driving into the frost? Why are we heading to the snowy Alps? Because it always has been a dream of mine to do a season of skibuming and go riding the fluffy white gold for as much as I can! I can consider myself a happy man with Mareen being pretty fond of skiing herself and to go on this trip with me in large parts!


But we’re not only going on a skiing vacation for 2,5 months… this is our life, we will work after skiing or stay in our warm shelter on the bad days and work. The new collection wants to be brought onto paper after being dreamed up for so long in Mareens head. And I need to set up a new, almost entirely automatic tax system with our new “best friend” and forward thinking tax consultant Michael Mertens. So we don’t have to do any taxes anymore and concentrate on making beautiful and functional swimwear without harming the world.

We had luck! The day we left Hamburg it started to snow in the Alps. And how it started… quickly a group of powder enthusiasts was formed via Fischkoppriding, the largest community for powder junkies in north germany and, where you’ll find the best snow forecasts for freeriders.

We chased the storm that wepowder forecasted and found ourselves in snow you usually only see in movies… it was epic! Unfortunately we had some difficulties because we apparently attracted too many ski fanatics haha. We also had a really bad streak of bad luck, making these first days a bit, well – chaotic. We had a frozen water line in our Ferdi, a locked in key in the hut the others stayed in with 8 people freezing outside. Trying to find a solution to get in with ladders and credit cards, I lost the keys to Ferdi…

We had broken snow chains, a broken binding only 1 day old, where dug in by the snowplows, had a broken heater at 3h30 in the night and missed a turn in the deep forest of Altaussee, needing to maneuver out with my GPS system above a cliff.


This happened in the first 3 days of our trip… But hey, we wanted adventure, didn’t we?!
“Oh well, again what learned” as a friend of mine would say.

Besides all the problems in the beginning, we had a lovley time in the hut of the family of wepowder journalist Patrick. Thanks so much for having us!


We will keep on digging ourselves out, chasing storms, repairing stuff and live those sweet moments while working on surfwear until we end this adventure in a big warm and relaxing family reunion ski trip in march.

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We come from Hamburg, have an ethical swimwear line, and live in our mobile home – we are seafarers.


  1. Mini says

    Hahaha! “Again what learned!” Klingt ja ziemlich chaotisch! Hoffentlich geht es nun entspannt weiter! Viel Spaß!!!

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