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Living a digital life

The Internet changed our everyday life allot. Apps help us communicating with far away friends, navigation is a lot simpler, and we get the information we are looking for –instantly!


In our case the Internet made possible a whole new way of life. We do what we think is right, always. We are not only our own bosses and decide when we work, but also where we work and how long we work (which is often too long ) But this is only because we don’t see our work as work anymore. It is really fun to do something that you think makes the world a bit better and makes such a life possible for yourself at the same time. Often (maybe too often) it is really difficult to stop yourself from writing the next blog post, implementing the next shop feature or designing the next bikini. We have to hold ourselves back from working too much and go out and see the world, that we are travelling. Of course it’s a big step to change your whole life – but I can say now, it’s absolutely worth it!

Mareen started MYMARINI 3,5 years ago by radically quitting her job and spending her last money on a ticket to Columbia to work in a small surf resort. She waited and gave surf lessons and in exchange she got food, housing and a limited amount of pocket money.

Coming back, she new she needed to do something that made such a life possible in a long term and also do something good in the world. She made the brave decision to create MYMARINI. Three years later I was ready to quit my hard worked for and well paying engineering job, to go onto this adventure with Mareen.


We decided that it’s much more important to do what you love, to see the world and to live a self-reliant life than to have a safe job, insurances and a lot of money. After quitting my job and canceling my savings plan for retirement, we packed our computers, eight of our surfboards and a lot of love into our motorhome and set of to the south. The plan was to visit our production site in Croatia and take advantage of this beautiful country by shooting the photo-shoot of the next MYMARINI collection at Croatias coastline. Our friend and photographer Christin came living with us in our motorhome for a week and we had a blast shooting these beautiful pictures and videos. In the meantime we enjoyed the cities, landscapes and islands that lay around us and savored the life we were living.


Of course not everything is picture perfect. We had some minor but also major problems on the way. Right in the first week we had massive problems with our refrigerator, taking up over 5 days, millions of phone calls with people barely speaking English and traveling 1400km back to Austria, just to find out my repairs finally did the job…We also had problems with the Internet. Croatia was perfect for digital nomads in this regard. A week of unlimited LTE mobile Internet cost us 11€ – yes, UNLIMITED Internet! (This is the visitors SIM card of the Croatian Telekom). We watched Netflix in our Motorhome haha. But Italy was a bit more difficult with the mobile Internet. We pay around 105€ for a fast connection but really saving each megabyte we can. (We had several TIM XL data SIM cards with 20gb for 30€).

We also had to find out our power system is not big enough for us working with our computers and phones at the same time for more than 2 days at the most. We have a 100 watt solar panel and an extra gel battery of 90 amps. In summertime this is enough for our MacBooks, but now it’s autumn and the sun is much lower and less intense now. A few ways we deal with this is to either find a nice café to sit down have a few drinks over the day and have unlimited wifi and power. Another way is to stay at campsites every other day, where we can plug in our motorhome and have some wifi (although most of those wifis are pretty bad!). The third way is to just travel a lot and fill up at least the battery that way.

Also it’s a bit hard to know you’re in such cool places with so much to see, but have to get some work done and getting to the next customer appointment, the next ferry or the next fotoshoot.

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Living and working together as a couple 24/7 is also a big challenge sometimes hehe. Living in a mobile home is a change to get used to and missing our families and friends is – well not really acceptable in the long run.

But all this in the next posts coming up!


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We come from Hamburg, have an ethical swimwear line, and live in our mobile home – we are seafarers.

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