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Looking for representatives in Europe

You love MYMARINI and would like to live and breathe the MYMARINI life? Then here is the chance for you! One of our heartfelt wishes is to bring MYMARINIs to everybody in the world, who have been yearning for elegant and sportive, yet sustainable swimwear. We are currently looking for enthusiastic MYMARINI lovers that would like to represent our Brand in your country. This really allows you to work how you like to work, when you like to work and as much as you like to work (allowing you to go surfing when there are waves. So you really live the life that also we have chosen – the MYMARINI life.

What we are looking for (ideally):
You are enthusiastic about MYMARINI  //  You are passionate about fashion and/or surfing   //   You have a good feeling of how to reach out to possible MYMARINI customers in your country   //    Living sustainable is self understanding for you   //  You are open to people and are outgoing   //   You know your way in the online world, especially in the field of blogging, social media and/or online marketing   //   You have worked with the printed press or would like to   //   You have experience as a sales agent or would like to possibly dive into this field

The perks of working for MYMARINI are being able to live a self fulfilled and self designed life. You work for a sustainable brand and have the chance to grow with us. If this is you please contact us at


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