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Two are better than one

We are super happy to introduce you to the newest member of MYMARINI – William! Until now he was my companion in life and MYMARINI consultant. Now he is also my full time partner at MYMARINI!

What is your position at MYMARINI?
As a youngster I was obsessed with Legos and was determined to do something similar when I became an adult.  I became a mechanical engineer and built all different types of industrial machines for quite a while. Somehow it didn’t fulfill me though and I realized my career didn’t satisfactorily incorporate my love for nature.

In the summer of 2016 I gathered the courage to quit my safe and secure job, sold my car and officially became Partner at MYMARINI. Mareen oversees the emotional and social aspects and has excellent instinct when it comes to making wise choices by following her “gut feeling”. I make sure the numbers are right, take care of the logical sides and manage strategic aspects.

Do you have a career goal?
Work should never be boring and I want to make enough to live a simple but fulfilling life. I don’t want work to feel like work… And that is already true! I can’t get enough of optimizing the MYMARINI experience for everyone.

And what do you do in your spare time?
That depends if we’re in our home base station Hamburg, or if we are on tour with our motorhome. When we are in Hamburg I need family, friends and also adventure! We drive to Denmark to go surfing, to the Harz mountains to go climbing, to the Alps for the weekend to go freeriding or touring or go to the North Sea or Baltic Sea to go windsurfing. We also simply enjoy spending time in Hamburg with friends, most of whom live close enough so we can ride our bikes to see them. We celebrate, have cozy game nights or go barbequing at the beach along the Elbe. Or we go to the countryside with friends and family to our little cabin in the woods by the lake and simply forget time.

When we are on tour for a few months at a time to quire shops for MYMARINI, we try to stay close to the ocean in the summer to go surfing and windsurfing. In the wintertime we head to the alps or Norway to go skiing on the good days and work when the weather won’t let us. The contrast of our live is rather intense that way.



Willi is a passionate freeride skier. If you want to check out his Facebook group for powder addicted Freerider click here: FISCHKOPPRIDING

ethical surf

What did you think after I convinced you to come with me to Columbia, not for three weeks but for three months?
This was the chance to finally realize my dream! Just to get up and go in the mornings and not know where we would end up in the evenings. To forget all sense of time, to just go with the wind. AND surf for three months!!! What else is there to wish for?

What made the biggest impression on you from our trip to Columbia? Or what changed or what did it make you contemplate?
My peak moment was when I was in Costa Rica in Santa Teresa and was paddling out in a freak set and realized that I could actually catch this wave… I ended up riding a wave that felt sky high (realistically it was about 2.3 meters), cruising through the lineup with this green wall next to me… Unbelievable.

Changes? All of a sudden I had a beard…


And how does Columbian rum taste?
It tastes so good you can drink it straight… Even out of a three liter bottle.

You love the outdoors and action sports – What do you enjoy the most?
What I enjoy the most is sharing the most precious moments. I totally believe in what Alexander Supertramp said: “Happiness is only real when shared”. Other than that I’m lucky enough to have a sport for every season: In the summer I surf and climb, and in the winter I ski, and I can windsurf (almost) all year round.

What’s special about surfing?
You have to immerse yourself 100%. You have to become one with nature – read it, understand it, conform to it. If you do everything right you are awarded for an incredibly brief (if all goes well about ten seconds) but complete feeling of happiness. You paddle back out to your friends and are so blissfully happy that all the effort was totally worth it. The weeks of waiting for the right day, sometimes driving hours just to get to the ocean, wedging yourself into your thick wet suit and then waiting for what feels like eternity for the right wave.

What is your next vacation destination?
The term vacation is relative at this point. Right now we are sitting in our motorhome on a Croatian island waiting for the wind to windsurf. Usually you would call that vacation. A minute ago though I worked on integrating a new method of payment into the online shop to make it easier for clients to shop. Photo shoots of the new collection consumed last week. Between shoots we went swimming, had cocktails at the beach bar and walked through the historic section of town in Split, but always with a watchful eye for a good location for the next shoot and suitable models. More often than not, the topic of conversation revolves around MYMARINI. So of course it is totally different than a vacation where you just completely block out everything else. We have to get into our groove in order to find the perfect balance. So far it is pretty much MYMARINI from morning until night, which is awesome. But I think in the long run we have to take small breaks and not think about work, even if it is just for a weekend.

What did you think when I told you that I wanted to found a company and design surf bikinis and swimsuits?
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was perfect. You combine your talent and what you love and unite it, possibly making a good living off of it in the long run and you don’t even have to sit in an office all day like most of us! You have the experience from your old job, all the contacts that you need and can let your passion influence you in creating the best product. That’s how it should be, right?

And what do you think of it today?
It’s a long and hard road with many sacrifices. In the beginning I was skeptical if it was doable. You’ve succeeded in selling your product at a good price for the quality you offer. We are still a long way off from having the whole (female) population wear the best bikinis to surf, sail, swim, dive or simply be in the sun; and we are still far from managing the company with just a few clicks a day while we sit at the beach. But I am looking forward to sharing this dream with you.

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