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Starting a digital life

After 24 hours of driving and two nights of sleep we finally arrived at our first stop – Croatia! On the Island with the funny name “Krk” we immediately did what we so long were looking forward to: Windsurfing and connecting to nature!

We felt the wind, we were refreshed by the water, we ate the most delicious figs from the tree and grilled our steak by the fire… somehow our refrigerator was inspired by getting back to the roots and did what materials usually do naturally, namely nothing…

One moment in paradise, the next in a hot pursuit for getting the fridge fixed. Not an easy task in Croatia, especially since this system is absolutely foreign in this part of the world. 24 hours later we find our selves pedal to the floor speeding back to Austria, the only place with a new replacement… Once there just meeting the deadline for the closing shops we couldn’t believe it. Our good old fridge seemed to be reanimated by the dare devil trip – it’s alive! (Ok maybe the hardcore repair we tried earlier involving a hammer drill and the fridge standing on its head, had something to do with it). Oh well, so we’ll just enjoy some mountains, some wine and food in a tipical Gasthaus and a warm lake for the weekend instead.





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We come from Hamburg, have an ethical swimwear line, and live in our mobile home – we are seafarers.

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