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Meet Christin – a MYMARINI Lady

Lives in: Hamburg, Germany

Favorite spots: Blouberg Strand, Capetown & Barra Grande, Brasil

Passions: I definitely would call myself an OCEANLOVER – Beyond any doubt my favorite place to be. With kitesurfing and sufing I get the chance to be on the water and get my head free of everything else. And of course I love traveling, luckily these passions are easy to combine.

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How do you pay your next surftrip?
Good question! Usually I spent my summer working as a photographer in Hamburg, saving as much money as possible to escape somewhere warm, wavy and windy during the european winter time! As a freelancer I luckily got the chance to be spontanious and quiet flexible with following my dreams. My passion for the ocean is growing everyday a bit more and if I could I would live the whole year somewhere at the beach. So I´m not questioning how I gonna pay my next trip, there is always a way to make it happen.

Although most of my clients are based in Hamburg, with traveling I´m always meeting new, interesting people and find opportunieties to make my trips affordable.
When I went to Brasil 2 years ago I managed to pay off for most of the trip by taking pictures for the travel company that organized those kitetrips and after that I spent 2 months working in a kite shop on Zanzibar, so I could go kite, learn a lot about the natives and live in a house in the village together with the rest of the crew! That was a magnificient time and I met fantastic people from all over the world.

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Since last winter now I´m responsible for the social media of the kite school and hostels in Cape Town where I spent my first vacation 3 years ago, where I learned how to kitesurf and where the stoke started. These people are like family now! So it´s like coming home and I know I´ll definitely have a place to stay!

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One of Christins shoot for the Endless summer beach house in Cape Town.


How you met MYMARINI?
When I planned my trip to Brazil 2 years ago I realizd that it´s gonna be a first for me!!! First time kiting in warm water – till then I´d only been out in CapeTown or the North and Baltic Sea, where a wetsuit is obligated.
So I found myself with the question how to find a modern, outstanding but also comfy swimsuit. Luckily the internet made it easy, so I found MyMarini and fell in love with the suits at the very first sight. But even better I figured that the actual showroom was just around the corner – here in Hamburg! I called, went there, met Mareen and thats where the story started. I loved her suits and I liked her straight away as a person. So much energy and passion for her products, surf and the lifestyle of an oceanlover! We became friends that very first day! And I badly wanted to go and kite in my own MyMarini.
Next to that I became the MyMarini photographer! This was a bit of dream that came true, because it meant I could shoot her products on beaches or in the ocean wherever I went. This client just fits my profile perfectly.
But even better is that now we travel together, go surf, make plans for shootings and share a lot of great moments just being laughing

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Your favorite MyMarini?
That´s a tough one! I love them all! But if I have to decide it´s definitely the SWIMMY,  OUTFIT and SEABODY. And for the bikinis the CAPRI BIKINI in blue/grey and the NECKHOLDER BIKINI

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What´s next?
I´ll go to Turkey in a couple of days to meet up with some friends I met in Cape Town. It´s  time for some warmwater bikinisurf!!! And then in July I´ll  go travel around in my van through France and Italy, where I gonna pick up MYMARINI Lady Helena to go search for the perfect wave.

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We come from Hamburg, have an ethical swimwear line, and live in our mobile home – we are seafarers.

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