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Friends, Surf & Fish!

Surf, Fish… And Friends!

Anyone that has been in Peniche, Portugal, probably knows what I am talking about. There is not much more here than exactly that: Surfing and eating fresh fish! For anyone wanting a little more, I would recommend taking along some good friends.

Surf’s up!


Portugal Blog Collage

Finding waves and enjoying the view! The favorite surf suits are drying on our rooftop and Mrs. Ipek is wearing her favorite reversible surf suit. THE SEABODY. Looking good, lady! Portugal Blog Collage2 Portugal Blog Collage3

Tough decision! Off to the next surf session, or stay at home and enjoy the view from our backyard?

Portugal Blog Collage4 Portugal Blog Collage5

Hanging around the house, eating delicious food and working on our handstand skills – life could be worse!

Portugal Blog Collage6


When you are in Portugal, don’t forget to visit the Lisbon crooks. Bruno and his chicos make beautiful hand made surfboards and have shirts, wine and other bizarre things in their shop. Remember to call first to make sure they are around – if the surf is up, they are out! Product pictures by: Lisbon crooks.

Portugal Blog Collage7

Portugal Blog Collage8

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