The MYMARINI Journal
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As a surfer, nature, and fashion lover, the search for the perfect bikini motivated me to design my own swimwear collection.  A bikini that caters to all the aspects important to me such as fashion, sustainability, and sports gear, was impossible to find. Why did it seem no one managed to combine fashion, ethical thinking and function? MYMARINI is an ethical swimwear collection for surfers who care and for all others who love water, exercise, style, and our planet!

The name for MYMARINI came to me when I was travelling through South and Central America. MAR is the Spanish word for one of the most fascinating places on earth – the ocean! Combining ‘mar’ with ‘bikini’ seemed the perfect way to describe what this company is about – such evolved the name MYMARINI. (By the way, my name is Mareen.)

Each MYMARINI piece is designed and developed in my lovely hometown, Hamburg, always with the sea and environment in mind. Manufactured in Germany, we use exclusive fabrics made in Italy in an eco-friendly manner. MYMARINI stands for simple design with the perfect fit, focusing on the essential, without investing on advertisement. My mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality and planet-friendly swimwear, which is one way I hope to contribute to preserving our captivating and enchanting seas!

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